What do you need to know about glass dab rigs?

The practice of dabbing involves smoking oils or extracts. It includes heating the extract to high degrees using a unique water pipe called a dab rig utilized by dabbers. glass dab rigs are often made with high-quality components. They are available in various forms and styles to suit various tastes.

By enabling more control over each hit, dabbing encourages optimal vaporization. It may be substituted for plant material smoking, which some individuals find abrasive and irritating.

Describe the dab rig.

A “Dab Rig” is a tool used to evaporate cannabis extracts. Terms like “oil rig,” “concentration rig,” or “vapor pipe” are used to describe it.

A dab rig works similarly to a bong in that the liquid at the base filters concentrates vapor in design and actual application. Dab rigs also need a dabber tool, a flame lighter for optimal use heating, and a glass, crystal, ceramic, titanium nail, or banger to hold or “dab” concentration.

How Do Dab Rigs Function?

A water pipe to disperse, filter, and chill vapor to a creamy consistency are used in a dab rig. Water pipes are larger than dab rigs, which are smaller and have distinctive shapes and patterns that let more water run through to chill the vapor. These characteristics will safeguard your throat and lungs!

Unlike water pipes, dab rigs use distinctive forms to appropriately hold and distribute your concentrated vapor while preserving terpenes, potency, and efficacy!

The concentrated vapor would not pass within huge water pipes since they provide greater room and surface topography for smoke to spread.

What advantages does dabbing offer?

Dabbing gives many advantages over dry marijuana that will enhance your smoking experience beyond what it was using dry herbs. Your concentration will vaporize due to the extreme temperatures you are warming them to, and this is what you will breathe in.

Vapor inhalation is gentler on the chest and throat than smoking dried marijuana. You could cough a lot after taking a dab, but that’s mostly because your concentrations were vaporized at very high temperatures. You can appreciate knowing that any ailments and diseases may be kept at bay long-term with much fewer neck and breathing problems using glass dab rigs.

Additionally, dabbing affords far more considerable autonomy than dry herb smoking. Concentrated vapor doesn’t adhere to the walls, garments, skin, or other surfaces nearby as dry herb smoke does. Therefore, dabbing can be the solution if you ever worry that others will learn about your extracurriculars from your home scents.

10% to 20% of the herb’s health benefits are delivered when you consume the dry herbs. Dry herbs can be smoked to achieve the desired effects, but dabbing may allow you to intensify them slightly. Concentrates provide access to at least 70% of the advantages of the dried herb from which they were made.

Keeping Your Dab Rig Clean

Although dab rigs will eventually become dirty, they should still be addressed. Removing leftover wax is essential before thoroughly wiping the glass to make fresh dabs.

Long-term exposure to dirty air can cause moisture retained inside your dab rig to start growing mold.

The simplest method for cleaning an oil rig after dabbing is to fill it with heated water, which helps dislodge the oil remnant on the glass surface. If you don’t regularly maintain your glassware, residues will build up over time and become challenging to clean properly.


The dab rig collection available at online head shops is massive. Space Blazer Rig, Orbis Lume Dab Rig, and Strawberry Detox Rig are among a few examples. Research before placing an online order to ensure a quality shopping experience. 



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