social listening

Social listening is a technique that can be used to monitor users’ social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Several types of social listening and many different tools can be used for this activity; the most popular are Dataminr and Radian6. 

The purpose is to find out what users are saying about your company, competitor, or a particular topic of interest. You can even monitor misspellings and mentions of typos for fast results. The “misspelled” approach is very successful because it uses (less popular) user-generated content. Social listening is a way to get social media “buzz” about your product, brand, or business in general.

What to look for in social listening

1. Misspelling or typos

You can often get valuable information about what users say on social media. One example is misspelled words, which could indicate a great opportunity to correct them. We receive many requests to correct the spelling of our company’s name on Twitter, and we do it as soon as possible. When we realized that people were often typing “Telerik” instead of “Telerik Studio,” we corrected and posted the updated version of our company’s name on Twitter six times in one day (one correction per hour). The result was a drop in Telerik’s stock price during the market trading day.

2. Keywords and topic.

One of the most valuable measures for social monitoring is getting a list of keywords and topics trending on social media. You can also gain insight into who your customers are – and can even check out their interests. You can use a tool such as Radian6 to get this data daily.

3. Monitoring buzz in your language

Many organizations use the same methods they use in English to monitor what is being said on social media platforms in their native language, too. They typically have content translation tools to translate any blog posts, comments, or tweets in their mother tongue.

4. Define your goal

To be successful with the different tools, you have to know what it is precise that you want to achieve: monitoring trends and identifying influencers and advocates. Dataminr offers a quick look at Twitter trends and topics, such as the most talked about companies or topics of interest. Radian6 highlights the most popular keywords and words. These tools are efficient and easy to use, but they represent only a tiny portion of the entire social network.

5. Monitor carefully the channels you use daily

You can monitor the buzz on Twitter and Facebook, which is only sometimes reliable because they often show a lower volume of posts than what exists on the web. Facebook sometimes shows trends that don’t exist at all. You can also use tools that track comments on blogs and magazines. More often than not, this type of information usually represents the most up-to-date data.

6. Monitoring misspelled words and typos

Monitoring misspelled words and typos is very successful with social listening techniques because it uses (less popular) user-generated content. Twitter is an excellent place to find this data because of its phenomenal growth in recent years. And because it’s an open platform, Twitter is a perfect tool for monitoring misspellings about every subject.

Using it has its benefits. You can get relevant information about your brand, competitor, industry, and even the general trends in a country. It is a great way to connect with your customers, but it does have some limitations. The challenge of search terms or misspelled words in social media posts or blogs is a significant burden. Another is the lack of context – you can’t always know if someone mentioned your product or brand by accident or intentionally. Whether you collect data directly from social media platforms or via a tool like Radian6, you will gain helpful information that will help develop strategies and take advantage of opportunities in your industry.



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